Caple - Sense CM461 - Built-In Coffee Machine

by: Caple

Stainless steel and black glass
Fully automatic
Settings can be adjusted for making various hot drinks such as short espresso, long espresso, normal coffee, long coffee, warm milk, warm water or cappuccino.
Coffee bean grinder
Coffee grinder adjustment to modify how fine the coffee beans are ground
Coffee grind time adjustment to modify how long the coffee beans are ground for
Drink volume adjustment to modify the amount of coffee dispensed
Steam nozzle to heat and froth milk
Coffee temperature control
2.5 Litre water tank
Drip tray
Used coffee ground bin
Stand-by energy saving
Cleaning warning
Water filter
White LED lighting

Grinder adjustment control

Electrical connection
Rated load 2.0kW
Fuse rating 13A

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