Caple - WC6216 - Steel Built In Wine Cooler

by: Caple

Feature Benefit
Dimensions Height=88.5cm Depth=57.8cm Width=59.0cm
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Years Cover included
B rated low energy model Saving electricity means saving you money-rated A to C (A being the best)
196 kWh/year energy consumption The lower the energy consumption the less electricity it uses.
5.41 cu.ft gross capacity Maximum external fridge capacity
4.03 cu.ft net capacity Internal storage capacity
41 dB noise level The lower the value,the quieter the appliance
Plastic shelf Usually height adjustable for convenient & flexible storage
Wood shelf Usually height adjustable for convenient & flexible storage
LED temperature display For instant reading of the internal temperature of either the fridge or freezer.
Multi zone temperature Allows you to store white & red wine at different temperatur es in different sections at the same time.
Temperature display Displays current temperature inside the wine chiller.
Reversible door, for added versatility Left or right hand opening
Flat back for easier installation and cleaning No difficult to clean elements at the back and also the appliance can be pushed flat to a wall.
Adjustable thermostat for optimum efficiency This feature offers you total control over the temperature of the fridge or freezer, helping you save electricity.
42 max x 0.75l bottle storage capacity number of bottles the fridge will hold
Glass Door type Look for glass doors so you can display and easily select yo ur wine.
Double glazed tinted glass Allows full visibility while safe guarding your wine.
UV protected tinted glass Allows full visibility while protecting the wine from harmfu l UV rays.
Stores red & white wine at optimum temperature Serve your wine at optimum temperature for maximum enjoyment
Magnetic door seal Keeps door sealed improving the cooling efficiency of the chiller
Backlit digital display & user friendly interface Have your wine cool in no time with this easy to use product
Fan assisted operation Helps keep the ideal humidity for storing wines. It generate s the correct relative humidity without requiring access to water supply.
Internal light Allows the interior of chiller to be visible at all times.
5 - 18 degrees C Minimum & maximum temperature Allows you to set desired,temperatures making it possible to use the wine chiller either as a long term ageing storage o r as a stopping point between the wine chiller and the table .

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