CDA - ECN72BL 70cm Chimney Hood

by: CDA


  • Ducted/re-circulating installation
  • 3 speeds
  • Aluminium grease filter
  • Push button control
  • Technical Specification

    • Required height over gas hobs: 700mm (min)
    • Required height over electric hobs: 600mm (min)
    • Power supply: 3A
    • Mains lead length: 1m
    • Mains lead rating: H05VV-Fm
    • Class I
    • Outlet diameter: 120mm/150mmmm
    • Outlet diameter: It is best to use the AED6 (150mm) ducting kit rather than the AED5 (120mm) with the adaptor. This keeps noise levels to a
    • 104W
    • Extraction Rates And Noise

      • Extraction rate at first speed: 218m3/hr
      • Noise level at first speed: 50dBA
      • Extraction rate at second speed: 302m3/hr
      • Noise level at second speed: 58dBA
      • 391m3/hr
      • Noise level: 60dBA
      • Extraction rate at third speed: 391m3/hr
      • Noise level at third speed: 60dBA

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