LG 11 kg Washing Machine 1400 spin F1443KD

by: LG

With 11kg of capacity inside its drum the LG F1443KD is more than prepared to cope with the high demands of even the largest family.

There are a vast array of cycles to choose from which allows you to tailor your washes on this white machine perfectly. Not only will you get perfect results but you’ll find that using the best fitting cycles also helps with the machines efficiency.

You don’t really need to know too much about it either. If you’re not entirely confident you can let the machine do it all itself. The intelligent wash system will measure the load and customise the length of wash, amount of water and detergent, temperature of the water; everything you can think of is considered. This means you get exactly what you need to achieve the best wash possible but without the worry of wasting energy or water. Bonus.

You can do all of this in large amounts because of the 11kg drum on the F1443KD, which does it’s bit to cut down on your frequency of laundry just by being massive. Though the real hero here is the Direct Drive Motor.

The Direct Drive motor is attached to the drum itself and because you’re removing lots of unnecessary parts you instantly cut down noise and vibration while greatly increasing your energy efficiency and reliability as a result. And what a result it is!

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